“Asscrown," I muttered under my breath as I headed to my next class. I wasn't proud of swearing at a complete stranger, no. but he started it.

Noah matched my pace. "Don't you mean 'assclown'?" He looked amused.

"No," I said, louder this time. "I mean asscrown. The crown on top of the asshat that covers the asshole of the assclown. The very zenith in the hierarchy of asses," I said, as though I was reading from a dictionary of modern profanity.

"I guess you nailed me then.”
Michelle Hodkin

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chapter 7

He woke up with a headache and sore muscles. Rubbing his scalp he groaned and tried to take in his surroundings. A ceiling...so a room. Obviously. He blinks twice to try and see more clearly. A suite perhaps? He realizes he's on a bed. He realizes it's not his own.

He sits up with a start and curses under his breath as his head starts to swim. Okay Kaden. What happened last night? How did you get here? Are you missing any body parts?

Two hands. Two feet. 5 digits on each. Two eyes, a nose, mouth, two ears. He reaches below the covers and sighs in relief. Everything is accounted for. There's no one next to him, but he knows he must have been here for a job. 5 thousand dollars sit on the bedside table, but he has no recollection of what he did to deserve that much money for one job. It hurts to think so he decides to try and make a deduction from the clues around him.

He opens his hands to look at his palms and he sees deep purple marks where something had to have been digging in his skin. He throws off the covers and his ankles have matching imprints.

"Bondage? Did I do bondage last night?" He has memory of being at the club under CCC (City Community College) waiting to go and meet a customer...then he bought himself a drink. He saw some girl who he swears is always drunk that he's seen around once or twice. She was dancing and he saw the outline of a scar on her chest. In the time he looked away a guy sat next to him and started making conversation. Next thing he knows he's in a haze; not sure if what he gets flashes of is a dream or what really happened. A red room made of satin. A large cross pinned against the wall. Perhaps he was put up on the cross and tied down with rope. A nightmare manifested from his fear of punishment by his father due to his...preferences. Or just a frisky ass dude who has way too much money and out of control wants.

"Had to be drugged. Must have been." He stands up and picks up his clothes off the floor gritting his teeth through the pain shooting up from his anus to the rest of his body. "Fuck." he whispers through gritted teeth. Tears sting his eyes and he starts shaking as the stinging continues to burn hotter than anything he could imagine.

He considers calling Mona, but she can't know about what he's been doing. He sits back on the bed he woke up in, takes a few breaths to calm his impulse to yell out in pain as it persists, and then gets up and walks to the kitchen of the apartment. Finding a bad of peas and a Styrofoam container full of cold pasta, he sits on the peas and hungrily eats the pasta. Now, he just needs to get out of her without his ass ripping in two.